Titus the Wonder Dog

May 8, 2010

Name:  Titus

Full name: Titus the Wonder Dog

Age: 8 weeks

Breed: 3/4 schnauzer, 1/4 poodle, or schnoodle.  Although I feel this name is undermining to Titus’s manhood.

Temperament: Very much like a toddler–active one minute, napping the next, always wanting to be with people, impatient if I don’t give him enough attention.

Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, chewing on everything from toys to weeds, romping outside, helping me weed the flower beds, napping in laps, attacking my toes.

Talents: Ringing a bell on the back door so he can go out and do his business.  The bell also communicates “I want to go out and play” and “I want to bat this noisy thing around for a while.”  He seems to know his name and what “potty” and “no” mean.  We’re still working on the listening and obeying talent…

Friends: Everyone.

Enemies: The yellow lab next door, anything that resembles a string, his collar.

Other important characteristics: Titus sleeps in a crate in my bedroom at night.  The first night, I had to sleep on the floor beside him.  The next couple of nights, the crate was propped up so that Titus was eye-level with my bed.  We have recently graduated to moving the crate to the floor.  Now if he could learn that 4:30 is not a reasonable wake-up time, we’ll be doing really well!

Social life: Tonight is our first puppy class.  We’ll see how this goes…



  1. Yay! I hope puppy class went well. He seems so cute! I didn’t sleep at all for the first 2 weeks after I brought Tag home… I sleep now, and he sleeps a LOT during the day… we still get up at 6 every morning, but that’s because of the cats… Tag usually shuffles out sleepily after the cats have dragged me out of bed to feed them.

    Puppy class was fantastic because I figured out how to better communicate with Tag and get him to do what I wanted him to do… 🙂 You’re gonna love being a dog owner!

  2. Puppy class is going well so far; we had our second class last night. He can respond to his name, hold eye contact with me, and sit. Walking on a leash is a challenge, though. We haven’t done too much walking yet, and he’d much rather be carried. We’re progressing, though!

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