resolving to wrestle

January 2, 2011

Last year, I made one simple New Year’s resolution: to eat more vegetables.  And miracle of miracles, I kept to it…all year long!  It helped quite a bit that I gardened for the first time this spring and summer.  I had the fun opportunity of learning how to grow veggies in a community garden with friends.  It was very therapeutic, and the vegetables it yielded challenged me to learn some new and creative ways to cook vegetables.  I also got in on a farm co-op and brought home an assortment of fruits and vegetables each week–different each time, depending on the harvest.  As a result, I’ve made several different varieties of butternut squash soup.  Yum.

Which leads to this year’s resolution: to learn more about cooking.  Good thing my aunt gave me Martha Stewart’s Cooking School for Christmas.  I have the feeling Martha and I will become good friends…

But I have a second resolution that is hard to put into words.  In 2010, God gave me a lot to anticipate and hope for, but not all the fulfillments of those anticipations and hopes have come about yet.  So in 2011, I resolve to…see them fulfilled…?  I’m not sure that I can quite form that thought into a resolution.  What I do know is that over the past year or so, God has invited/challenged me to wrestle more with Him: to ask Him the tough questions, to stand determined in prayer for the good things He has for me, and even to take Him by His heavenly collar, look him sternly in the eye and say, “You said you would do this.  I’m holding you to your promises.  I’m not letting you go back on your word!”  Not that God ever does go back on His word, but I have to wrestle myself into believing that He doesn’t.  I think that’s often why He invites me to participate in what He is doing: not so He can prove that He is who He says He is, but so that I can experience who He is and in so doing, internalize the truth of God’s character.  I’m thick like that sometimes.

So I suppose I can sum up my thoughts by saying that this year, I resolve to wrestle more.  And I have the feeling that this is not one of those resolutions that will fall by the wayside come mid-February.



  1. Let me know if you get stuck on how to cook any veggies. Cooking is our “sport” and we are pretty good at it! Rebecca

  2. Thanks! I might ask you for pointers on creative ways to cook veggies so they don’t get boring. 🙂

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