kid moments, vol. 1

January 6, 2011

Being a teacher, I find that I often encounter funny and unusual moments with kids that are just too cute not to share.  So I decided that when they arise, I’ll post them on my blog so you can enjoy them, too!  Feel free to post “kid moments” of your own in the comments.

While observing a preschool class, I happened to walk by a boy and girl who were sitting across the table from each other, coloring.  I must have caught the very end of an important conversation when I overheard the girl say, “And that’s why God gave us tongues: so we can burp!”


Fifth-grade boy: Miss Hennessey, I am starting my own town.  It’s called Davidtown.  Would you like to be a citizen of Davidtown?

Me:  Sure!

Boy:  You have to have a job in Davidtown.  What would you like your job to be?

Me:  Umm….a hand model.

Boy:  Hand model… [writes down my job on a very important-looking piece of notebook paper]


A sixth-grade girl was showing her friend her new, multicolored watch.  The friend responded:  “It’s so vibrant!  Just like your spirit.”


After giving instructions to a group of seventh-graders about their responsibility as Safety Patrol members, I asked if the students had any questions.  One boy raised his hand and asked, “Do we get to use tasers?”  Throughout the school year, I have had to reassure him that no, tasers are not part of the Safety Patrol equipment, nor are they an appropriate strategy for keeping other students safe.  He is always joking but always crestfallen when I dismiss his taser idea.


Volume 2 to follow soon, I am sure.


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