helpful insults

January 14, 2011

If you would like to help out my friends, the Stallings family, go here.  Give their living room a low rating.  Post a comment about how much nicer it would be with some updated touches like colorful decor, family photos on the walls, and plenty of bright lighting.  In essence, your insults of their living room are a help.  Why, you ask?

You might remember that Emmett is one of my friends who is fighting cancer.  He, his wife Wendy, and their son Quinn have an amazing community of people supporting them in a variety of ways.  As a result, the Stallings’ often have visitors coming and going from their house, whether it be to babysit Quinn, pray for the family, or simply sit in their company.  The Stallings’ would love to have a more cozy place to host visitors.  They are hoping that with enough views, ratings, and comments, their living room will be chosen for a makeover by HGTV.

So go ahead.  Insult away.  It’s for a good cause!


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