kid moments, vol. 2

January 26, 2011

Ready for some more chuckle-worthy moments?  Brought to you by the great kids I work with:


For a few days, the fifth-grade girls segregated themselves into two tables at lunch: Narnia believers, and non-Narnia believers.


Me:  A trough is where farmers keep food for animals like pigs and horses.

Student:  Oh, so it’s like a fridge!


Me:  The word “synthetic” means “man-made.”

Student:  [pauses]  So does that mean girls can make it?


Second-grader:  I need to tell you two things.  First, I like your classroom.  Second, I think your dog is cute.


I have the distinct privilege of monitoring the lunchroom during the lunch period for 5th and 6th grades.  From time to time, the kids try to switch seats when they are not supposed to.  What they don’t know is that I have a sixth sense about when a student is not in his or her original seat.  What they also don’t know is that I get a secret thrill from seeing the expression on their faces when I ask them, quite calmly, to return to their original seat.  The look of disappointment mixed with “what the–?” on their faces is priceless.


Letter from two second-grade girls, after they heard about the death of my friend, Leah:

“Dear. Miss. Hennessy

Me and Molly are realy Sorry about your friend.  I like Grapes.  do you?  write Back:”


5th-grade boy:  Miss Hennessey, [another boy] called me a cotton-headed ninnymuggins.  But I told him that he was wrong; I’m a leather-headed ninnymuggins.  It’s more manly.

Me:  Bravo on using “Elf” insults.


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