40 days of gratitude, day 4

March 12, 2011

On this fourth day of Lent, I am grateful for:

  • New perspective from Jesus
  • Potluck lunches
  • Key lime pie
  • Long walks with the puppy
  • Seeing lots of other puppies in the neighborhood
  • Celebrating my friend Jamie’s birthday with pizza, brownies, and lots of laughter!
  • A cozy house
  • Internet access
  • Sarcasm (the non-harmful, appreciated kind)
  • Warmer weather
  • Using my imagination to draw nearer to God
  • The much needed reminder that God loves everyone, even the drunk guy trying to play golf in the park
  • The laughs I got from my encounter with the drunk guy playing golf
  • Laughter, period.

Goodnight, friends.  I hope your Lenten journeys are prompting you with more and more reasons to be grateful.


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