crocuses again

March 16, 2011

Around this time last year, I was enjoying a great game new homeowners get to play: Guess What the Previous Owner Planted in the Yard.  It was lots of fun to see a variety of flowers pop up in the beds in front of the house and to watch the blossoms come out on the peach tree.  Most surprising of all was seeing this:

Yup, that’s one lone yellow tulip, growing right beside the driveway, at least five feet away from the other tulips, and obviously not part of a landscaping plan.  My guess is a clever squirrel thought he would hide the bulb there for the winter and then did what squirrels do best: forgot about it.

The Lone Tulip has begun to grow again this year; currently it is just some thick shoots of leaves and what will eventually be the stem.  But the Lone Tulip is no longer alone.  This morning, I noticed a cluster of smaller yellow flowers growing right next to it.  My roommate took a picture of them, posted it on facebook, and asked if anyone knew what they were.  The answer, according to the facebook public, is crocuses.

Remember this post?

Call me what you will, but I think it is no mere coincidence that some crocuses showed up in my yard.  At the risk of sounding silly, I think it is entirely possible that Cindy had a little conversation with God when she arrived in heaven about how peeved she is that she didn’t get to plant her crocuses this year.  (I can even imagine her with a hand on one hip, the other hand pointing a stern finger at God.)  And perhaps God, in his great mercy and tremendous sense of humor, replied, “Okay, Cindy.  You can go plant a cluster of crocuses in Allison’s yard to remind her of you and Me.”

Regardless of how they got there, the crocuses are a great reminder to me of Cindy’s new life in heaven and the truth that God has the power to do what He wills, when He wills it.  This, then, is my conclusion: A small cluster of crocuses display the power of God in my life today.  That’s what they were made for anyway, right?


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