40 days of gratitude, days 12 and 13

March 21, 2011

I don’t have any good excuses for another combined Gratitude Inventory; I simply didn’t get around to day 12 on Sunday evening.  So the following is what I am grateful for from approximately the past 48 hours!

  • harmless pranks
  • my church
  • lunch outside with two of my favorite girls
  • salad
  • a long walk with the dog
  • time to pray for my friend Emmett while walking the dog
  • my roommates
  • having the windows open at home
  • Bible study with a great group of teenagers
  • my job
  • fun time tutoring my favorite second-grader
  • getting the garden plotted and part of it planted
  • students who remember that I am gardening and ask if I have planted it yet
  • the anticipation of fresh vegetables in a few weeks
  • spending a little time with Lauren and cute baby Haven
  • a walk with Yvonne and Titus
  • daffodils and other flowers blooming
  • a flex spending account
  • a pretty sunset
  • chocolate cake
  • looking back on a fun week off
  • keeping up with friends’ lives via facebook and blogs
  • a comfy home
  • a good book to read

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