40 days of gratitude, days 22 and 23

March 31, 2011

Allergies have been getting the best of me this week, so I went to bed early(ish) last night in an effort to recover from the sleepiness that always accompanies them.  Thus, another gratitude inventory that covers 48 hours.  Enjoy!

I am and have been grateful for:

  • allergy medicine
  • a day off from work to try to recover from allergies
  • Bible commentaries
  • God’s creation
  • a great time of worship and learning with a tremendous youth group
  • grace
  • good sleep
  • waking up feeling rested
  • the anticipation of a fun race on Saturday
  • vegetables
  • a clean CT scan for a friend who is (was?!) battling cancer
  • reading The Paper Bag Princess to an engrossed second-grade audience
  • waist-high hugs from one of my favorite second-graders
  • my job
  • work during the summer
  • a warm, inviting house to come home to
  • Community–the TV show, and the real thing

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