40 days of gratitude, days 25 and 26

April 3, 2011

Here’s another two-day, combined gratitude inventory.  During the past two days, I have found myself grateful for:

  • a refrigerator that works
  • a refrigerator repair company that is open on Saturdays
  • friends who are willing to house my food while the fridge is being repaired
  • a 5K walk/run in the park to benefit my friend Emmett Stallings in his fight against esophageal cancer
  • friends (and a dog) who were willing to walk/run with me
  • sunshine, warm weather, and breezes
  • flowering trees
  • a great, late-night phone conversation with Laura in Seattle
  • a great night’s sleep
  • a sweet time of worship at church
  • a challenging message from my big-hearted pastor
  • listening to a five-year-old proudly count to 100
  • yummy food, eaten on a screened-in porch
  • fun conversation
  • laughter
  • relaxation
  • a house that stays cool despite the (suddenly) hot weather
  • my dog
  • a fun evening at the park with a great group of girls
  • car conversations with a remarkable teenager
  • nighttime thunderstorms
  • lightning
  • a working car
  • a comfortable place to sleep
  • flip-flops
  • rain
  • the absolute assurance that I am loved by a God who has adopted me into His royal family

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