40 days of gratitude, days 29 and 30

April 7, 2011

I find myself feeling a little sad, realizing that there are only ten days of Lent left.  On the one hand, I am really looking forward to Easter.  It’s one of my favorite holidays (=holy days), and it doesn’t hurt that it comes during spring, the season that inspires the most anticipation in me.  But on the other hand, I have truly been enjoying the daily discipline of reflecting on what I am grateful for.  It has brought my life into a much less me-centered perspective and puts the focus on God and His provision and unmatched goodness toward me.  So don’t be surprised if future blog posts look much like the past 30 days have.  Gratitude is good for me in so many ways.

And now for what you were expecting…  These past two days of Lent, I have been grateful for:

  • the freedom to worship God
  • my job
  • my house
  • spring weather
  • rain
  • my garden
  • frozen yogurt with a pretty amazing young lady
  • the privilege of praying for teenagers
  • the opportunity to encourage students
  • Josh Groban’s music (ok, yes–and the man himself.  He’s not too bad to look at!)
  • waking up feeling refreshed, and maintaining energy during the day
  • Minsky’s pasta
  • a visit from an educational consultant–she’s a lovely lady and always brightens my day when she comes!
  • running into friends at the grocery store and the gym
  • motivation to go to the gym
  • God’s mercy
  • a lovely chat with a friend on facebook
  • upcoming summer work and possible travels
  • a puppy who sometimes likes to snuggle on my lap
  • early bedtimes
  • a working fridge that will hopefully be fully fixed tomorrow
  • undeserved and lavish goodness from God
  • the weekend

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