40 days of gratitude, day 31

April 8, 2011

On this thirty-first day of Lent, I am grateful for:

  • waking up refreshed
  • stories of God’s mercy
  • flexibility
  • spring weather
  • flowers
  • enthusiastic students
  • time to relax
  • refrigerator repairs that don’t cost as much as I anticipated
  • a working refrigerator
  • making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  • eating cookie dough while making cookies
  • honest estimates on gutter repairs
  • sunsets
  • peach tree blossoms (and future peaches)
  • God’s sovereignty
  • laughing with my roommates
  • an early bedtime

One comment

  1. I almost forgot one! Looking at photos from South Africa and Lesotho…does my heart good.

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