40 days of gratitude, day 35

April 12, 2011

It just occurred to me (obviously, I’m no mathematician) that either my counting was off, or Lent is longer than 40 days.  But then I found an answer to that mystery over here. So I suppose I will simply continue my gratitude inventories and have to title them “40 days of gratitude, day 41” and so forth.  I feel a little foolish for my oversight, but I am also coming to terms with the fact that I will look foolish for the rest of my life.

On to today’s gratitude inventory.  Today I am grateful for:

  • showers
  • upbeat songs on the radio on my way to work
  • a fun field trip to the Coterie Theater
  • conversing with God about the good things He has for me
  • sunshine
  • watching “the lightbulb” come on for a student
  • the fun, quirky kids I see during lunch duty
  • enough
  • an eager dog greeting me at the door
  • flowers everywhere
  • spring weather
  • a quiet evening
  • the chance to go to a theophostic prayer class tonight

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