40 days of gratitude, days 37-40

April 17, 2011

My apologies, faithful blog readers.  I took a hiatus from posting my gratitude inventories because I took a road trip this weekend to Asheville, North Carolina, to see my friend Wendi marry a wonderful man named Myles.  The wedding was a beautiful reflection of what God has done to bring their stories together and start a new one as husband and wife.  The trip was long, but well worth it.  If that weren’t great enough, I got to stay with my aunt and see my grandmother while I was there and…well, I ought to put things in their usual form, shouldn’t I?  This weekend, I have been grateful for:

  • a safe, easy drive to and from Asheville
  • my traveling buddies, Tera and Yvonne
  • good music and sermons to listen to while traveling
  • a great surprise–my mom drove up from Atlanta to see me!
  • even greater, getting to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her!
  • quality time with my aunt and grandmother
  • the way my friends and my family get along so well
  • coffee
  • great food
  • southern hospitality
  • strangers who smile at you and hold the door open for you
  • rest
  • laughter
  • my grandmother’s stories
  • seeing my friend marry an outstanding man–one she has waited long and prayed hard for
  • a perfect wedding and reception
  • trees and flowers blooming along the entire drive
  • the Appalachian mountains
  • friends and family who love me so well
  • a puppy who was very excited to see me when I came home
  • a roommate who mowed the lawn while I was gone–THANK YOU, SARA!
  • friendly neighbors
  • flowers to plant
  • an early bedtime
  • God’s promises
  • stories of God’s power to heal and restore
  • Easter coming very soon!

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