dream home

April 21, 2011

My students have recently been reading a book about architecture.  The book contains a great activity in which the student draws the elevation (front view) and floor plan of his/her dream house.  It has been a blast to see how creative my students have gotten with this project–so much so, that if I ever decide to build an addition on my house (ha!), I will be sure to include these student-inspired rooms and features:

  • chocolate room
  • zoo
  • Wal-Mart (yup, inside the house)
  • an ATM
  • trampoline room
  • timeout room (not for bad kids–for kids who want some quiet time)
  • bowling alley
  • movie theater
  • remote control car room
  • ice cream room
  • slides
  • secret doors
  • a helicopter landing pad
  • security guards with water balloons

The example floor plan I created included your standard ground-floor rooms, as well as a library and a greenhouse.  I really ought to take a cue from my students and dream bigger.


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