favorite web sites

April 28, 2011

There are a number of web sites I check on a near-daily basis.  Some are for news, others for humor, and others are friends’ blogs.  I thought I might share them with you; let me know if you find them helpful and/or worthwhile!

time.com–for news, of course; almost every Thursday, they run an article on education, which is of special interest to me

relevantmagazine.com–also for news and articles, but The Slices provide some great offbeat news and humor

teamemmett.com–to keep up on my friend Emmett’s fight against esophageal cancer


And from time to time, I visit these sites, too:

My friend Danielle’s blog

My friend Lauren’s blog–great recipes!

My friend Bob’s blog

Insights from the World’s Most Trivial Man–blog by a guy I happened to go to high school with; great humor


So what about you?  Which web sites are a daily must-see?



  1. Thanks for the link Allison!

    I also do a daily devotion on the words of Christ at http://redeemed.kansasbob.com

  2. One of my college classmates is the editor for cookinglight.com!

    • Oooo…do you think your friend could get me a free subscription?! 😉

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