kid moments, vol. 3

May 10, 2011

It’s almost the end of the school year, and I’ve encountered a few more laughable moments with kids.  I hope these make you smile!


Third-grader:  Miss Hennessey, have you ever screamed in your life?

Me:  Yes.

Third-grader:  Really?!?  ‘Cause you never get loud at us!


Fourth-grader, describing his friend:  “He’s nice, but he can overreact and be a real drama queen sometimes.”


Four-year-old, as I was leaving his house:  “Be careful!  Call me if you have danger!”


On Justin Bieber’s birthday, a group of seventh-grade girls at my school brought cupcakes to give to their classmates in celebration.


During lunch, two sixth-grade boys were having an argument:  One wanted some crackers that the other had.  The one who wanted the crackers said that the other might not finish them, which would be wasting food.  “There are starving children in Africa!” was his line of reasoning.  My reply to him?  “I’ve been to visit those children in Africa, and they don’t really want your days-old crackers packed in a suitcase.”  Argument over.


Also during lunch…

Me:  Why were you grabbing him by the neck?

Sixth-grade boy #1:  Because he bit me.

Me:  Is this true?  Did you bite him?

Sixth-grade boy #2:  I didn’t bite him…I sort of…nibbled.


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