dreams do come true

May 26, 2011

I believe that God speaks through dreams.

9 times out of 10, my dreams are the result of whatever I was thinking about before I fell asleep, something I ate, or perhaps the random activity of my subconscious.  But every so often–and more often lately, it seems–my dreams have a deeper significance.

Take, for instance, a dream I had a couple of months ago:  My friend Jamie and I had (in real life) purchased tickets to see Josh Groban in concert.  In the dream, we found our seats in the nosebleed section of the arena.  Before the concert started, an usher approached us and said, “Ladies, I would like to offer you front-row seats.”  Of course we accepted and moved to the front row, and the dream ended right before the concert began.

Last night, Jamie and I really did go to see Josh Groban in concert.  We arrived at the arena and took the long escalator up to the nosebleed section.  At the top of the escalator, an usher stopped us and said, “Ladies, your tickets have been upgraded.”


A person who disembarked from the escalator behind us asked, “All of us?”  “Yes,” the usher replied.  “Just go to the table over there and trade in your tickets for a closer seat.”

Still in disbelief, I turned to Jamie and said, “My dream came true!”  I had told her about the dream so she was also in shock.  We got in line, traded in our tickets, and got to move to a lower section.  It wasn’t the front row, but at least Josh looked about 2 inches tall instead of only 1.

I am sure I would have enjoyed the concert from nosebleed seats.  Being far away would not have diminished the experience in the least.  After some thought, I am convinced that the only reason that God orchestrated closer seats for us–and gave me a dream to anticipate a seat upgrade–was because He loves me and wants me to be happy.

The skeptics out there are now thinking, “You’re reading way too much into this, Allison.  It was just a dream.”  Was it?

How many parents have ever said to their child(ren), “I have a surprise for you!”  The anticipation of a surprise or gift brings so much joy to the child as recipient and to the parent as giver.  Why would parents tease (for lack of a better word) their children with surprises if it did not bring joy to at least one of the people involved?

I have the feeling that God had a great time these past few weeks as He observed me wondering if the dream might actually come true.  And last night, when it did, I could almost imagine Him jumping up and down with delight and a huge grin on His face as He clapped and said, “I told you I would do it!  Isn’t this fun?!

Which leaves me wondering…  What will I dream about next?!


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