kid moments, vol. 4

February 27, 2012

A third-grade girl, out of the blue: “I HATE MY PANTS!!!”


Me, to a group of sixth-grade boys:  “Gentlemen, you all look quite dashing today.”

One of the boys, to me:  “Thanks, Miss Hennessey.  So do you!”


Fifth-grade girl:  “My goldfish died last night, so my mom said I’ll be getting a teacup Yorkie to replace it.”


Third-grade girl:  “Miss Hennessey, are you past college?”

Me:  “Yes.  Why?”

Girl:  “I could tell.  You’ve obviously had a lot of practice drawing Snoopy.”


Question:  What is a frenemy?  (Answer:  An enemy who acts like a friend to gain an advantage.)

7th grade answer:  “My best guess of a frenemy is a very small banana.  I do not have any, but I have seen pictures.  They might look like:

  • shriveled
  • small
  • yellowish
  • nasty tasting
  • un popular
  • make people sad
  • not filling

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